Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Highway to Hell...

is what one team called it. I went. I did. I conquered. Ragnar Wasatch Back Relay 2009 was awesome, however, while I was running I was hating life and wondering why I even signed up for this. It was good the team finished in under 30 hours which was exciting. We are no BYU runners who finished in 17 hours but we were close behind!! :) The altitude killed me about 13 steps into my first leg. When I run in Hood to Coast I totally bank on the altitude difference and because of that I think the Wasatch Back is harder plus there are more hills. I did have fun and I will probably do it again especially when someone asks me to participate in a few months when the ache of my muscles is a distant memory. So after 30 hours of fun with 4.5 hours of sleep, I crashed on Saturday afternoon after a long awaited shower for about 17 hours. I can be a sleeper if I need to. I was pretty impressed by this skill of mine. Well, here is some of the fun. Enjoy real pictures on this post.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sneak Preview

SO my friend Toni has decided to go off and move to Reno after she gives birth to her little girl so..... we decided to hang out one last weekend before that's the end of it. Since the tv was advertising that there would be a sneak preview this Saturday for The Proposal we decided to hit up fandango and purchase some tickets for the big showing. We barely got seats together but we settled near the top of the theater with out smuggled in sodas and candy delights and we watched one of funniest movies ever!! I. loved. it. Honestly there was not too many moments where there was not something funny going on. And it was good funny not corny funny. I actually wish it was already out on DVD so that I could own it. I might just have to go grudgingly spend another freaking $8.50 to see the it again. Definitely would recommend it though for everyone even the guys because it's funny and let's face it Sandra Bullock is hot. For the ladies, Ryan Reynolds is is easy on the eyes in this one, but remember ... both of them are both happily married actors if that is at all possible in Hollywood. And since I have become a great critic of plays and movies, I give this one 3 thumbs up again.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

If you want to be POPULAR....

then you should go see the fabulous musical of WICKED! After a long time waiting for this monumental weekend, I finally got to see this infamous musical with my sis-in-law, Heado, and....I. LOVED.IT. It was so good even though it wasn't the originally cast, which somehow people think would diminish the "fantastic-ness" of the play. I would have to say my favorite part was where the song 'popular' was performed. The play was also surprising funny. Loved the main characters, Elphaba and Glinda/GAlinda :), and Fiyero was also fantastically good-looking. I give the show 3 thumbs up even though I only have 2 thumbs! I would highly recommend it to anyone who gets the opportunity to go. Heck I would even go see it again.

Monday, April 27, 2009

We're a crappy generation

SO apparently I am illiterate when it comes to computers. I can't figure out how to add a video without having to download it onto my computer so if you can't copy and paste the above address into the URL space then this video is specifically talking to you.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Pay it forward-->

I thought I would take my sister in law up on her invitation...
So, here's how it works: the first 3 people to leave a comment on this post will receive, at some point during the year a handmade gift from me. What it will be and when it will arrive is a total surprise! The catch is that you must participate as well. Before you leave your comment, write up a pay it forward post on your blog to keep the fun going (or copy and paste like I did). Then come back, let me know you're going to play and sit back and anticipate the arrival of your gift! Come and play!!

P.S. I might have done this so that I could get a surprise from my sis-in-law!! :) tee-hee